Current Projects

Modeling Latent Effect Heterogeneity

This project seeks to develop semi-parametric Bayesian regression models to estimate latent heterogeneity in the effect of treatment variables and/or observed covariates.

Perceptions, Political Behavior, Polarization, and Welfare Attitudes (with Rob Franzese)

This project examines how socioeconomic positions of the individuals impact their perceptions about the mechanisms of reproduction of social inequalities, and how those perceptions affect their political behaviour. It seeks to understand how socioeconomic-position-dependent perceptions about the socioeconomic environment make some individuals but not others more susceptible to certain populist 'otherizing' appeals.

Information, Income Distribution, and Policy Preferences

Using nation-wide surveys and surveys experiments, this project investigates how different social groups process information about inequality and income distribution, how information affect their perceptions, and how those perceptions affect policy preferences.

Unsupervised Learning Methods and FMM for Election Forensics (with Walter Mebane)

This is a NFS-funded project with Walter Mebane to develop positive models to detect fraud in elections. The project uses unsupervised learning methods to estimate probability of fraud using election data.